Retail consulting book to assist retail/business leaders with achieving their goals, expeditiously.

Mr. McNulty's purpose for writing this manual was to share the knowledge that he has gleaned throughout his 30-year career within the retail sector. He would often ruminate, periodically, how much further along he would have been in his retail career if he had received one book (instead of haphazardly attempting to gather retail information from numerous sources) that had amassed a cacophony of leadership pillars. This would have afforded him the opportunity to assimilate a culmination of tangible and poignant knowledge achieved through "Empirical Results" as opposed to "Theoretical Ideas" from ONE SOURCE  that would immediately increase his retail acumen.

Intuitively, Mr. McNulty was yearning for ONE BOOK  that contained an amalgamation of successful retail constructs, paradigms, and protocols. He wrote "The Ultimate Retail Manual" to assist retail/business leaders with providing a unified and congruent business instrument that will align all of their leaders with the knowledge they need to become servant leaders. 

This dynamic and proven blueprint was successfully implemented in every retail store/district that Mr. McNulty worked in regardless of product mix, annual sales volume, or physical location. Mr. McNulty developed a system that is transformative and highly portable, yet extremely effective when executed consistently. In addition, when leaders employ these principles they can drastically shorten the time required to achieve their career aspirations. 

The Ultimate Retail Manual is considered a "Hybrid Crossover Business Manual" to assist retailers/businesses with their pecuniary endeavors by increasing gross margin, maximizing per square foot revenue, and capturing additional market share. The manual was created to assist any new or experienced retail leader (department manager up to the C-Suite executive) with acclimating to an experiential environment while supplementing and enhancing their existing retail acumen.

The retail manual has a {international presence} that is resonating with readers in France, Italy, UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Mexico, and Australia.

New Retail Ethos just received an order from a major retailer that is purchasing the manual for all of its employees and leaders. This retailer is passionate about investing in its leaders and employee's growth. 

Your Feedback

I would love to hear your feedback and perspective on the manual. I hope you enjoy reading the book. If you are satisfied with the content, I would be honored if you would give me a positive Amazon review. Thank you for allowing me to assist you with your retail & business endeavors.




This book reads more like a handbook than a textbook, although it could easily be a text for an independent study course.
McNulty uses a ton of examples from his experiences to illustrate principles he suggests.
Several themes pervade the book:
1. Work ethic is huge; don’t expect much to happen without it.
2. Be upfront, kind and civil with all people all the time.
3. Communicate and cooperate with everyone.
4. Never, burn any bridges.
The book is organized into 25 chapters, each on target aimed at a limited topic.
Most chapters are a 10 to 15 minute read, with time to highlight or note salient points.
The chapter content does not wander. It stays focused, has a lot of specific detail and is eminently practical with step-by-step organization.
The book pays attention to hiring, firing and managing employees. It is equally detailed in terms of the layout of the store, cleanliness and other environmental factors.
Positive interaction between employees and customers is a major theme in the book.
Nothing is overlooked: displays, the store entrance, the parking lot, carts, lighting, signs, pricing goods and handling complaints.
Company and store culture is stressed at every turn and McNulty pushes integrity.
The author realizes that business is really based on positive interactions between different people, and everyone working is a part of a team.


 If you want a detailed guidebook to properly run your retail operations and create loyalty, not only for your customers, but for your Team Members, this is the book for you. It's full of valuable insight and written from a place of experience. Jeffrey's authenticity and clear "been there, done that" approach ensures that the best practices outlined in this book will bring you retail success. Whether you're just starting off your retail career, or you've been in this world for many years, you will derive great benefit from this book. 


 I find this book as a great inspiration for individuals who wants to progress and thrive in the retail world. Jeffrey outlines the important steps on how to be successful in the retail business. His experience reflects on the leadership style that can help retail society to progress further in the digital world. The retail world is fascinating because we face various situations on a daily basis. However, with "The Ultimate Retail Manual" we have clear guidance on how to navigate and succeed in the retail world. 


 It was extremely refreshing to find a book that contained a massive amount of retail information all within ONE BOOK. This retail manual was written for any level of leadership (like Mr. McNulty said, department manager up to the C-Suite executive). I was amazed at the amount of useful yet simple retail strategies that were provided. Throughout the entire book, Mr. McNulty gives you numerous examples of how he executed each pillar during his retail career with fantastic results. This retail manual will increase any leaders retail knowledge while opening their eyes to the myriad of ways to satisfy their guests and employee’s, increase sales, improve gross margin, decrease turnover, and attract the best talent. 


In reading through the book, I was intrigued by the concise, poignant and accurate explanations of how to execute the ten pillar strategies and how each organization can benefit from these concepts. I would also like to add, that the book is predominately about the retail sector, however I found that the principles can be utilized in most business settings, therefore I would like to call the book a CROSSOVER BUSINESS TOOL that will assist not only retail companies but should include other businesses as well. 


This is a very helpful, well written manual for anyone that is managing in today's retail world. I can't say enough about how much content this manual has and yet is easy to read. I highly recommend it to anyone managing people and trying to figure out how to move forward in a fast changing world. 


Here is my latest fiXit podcast where I discuss how "The Ultimate Retail Manual" can assist the Power Sports industry with creating massive differentiation.

Check out my latest radio show appearance on BIZTALK WHBY 1150 where I discuss my new book and assist retailers/businesses with adapting to the New Retail Ethos.

Files coming soon.

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