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My purpose for writing this manual was to share the knowledge I have acquired throughout my thirty-year career within the retail sector. I would often ruminate periodically, how much further along would I have been in my retail career if I had received one book (instead of haphazardly attempting to gather retail information from numerous sources) that had amassed a cacophony of leadership pillars. This would have afforded me with an opportunity to assimilate from ONE SOURCE a culmination of tangible, poignant, and hands-on knowledge that would immediately increase my retail acumen exponentially.

Intuitively, I was yearning for ONE BOOK that was an amalgamation of successful retail constructs, paradigms, and protocols.This would assist retail leaders in providing a unified and congruent business instrument that would align all of their managers with the knowledge they needed to become servant leaders while drastically shortening the time for them to achieve their career aspirations. This retail manual was created to assist any new or experienced retail leader (department manager up to the C-Suite executive) with acclimating to an experiential environment while supplementing and enhancing their existing retail acumen.

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I would love to hear your feedback and perspective on the manual. I hope you enjoy reading the book. If you are satisfied with the content, I would be honored if you would give me a positive Amazon review. Thank you for allowing me to assist you with your retail endeavors.

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We are a business and management consultancy firm which assists retail organizations and businesses (regardless of size, scope, or niche) with alleviating and addressing common "Pain Points" through all facets of retail consulting, anticipatory intelligence, instructional programs and pragmatic delivery of retail concepts while working with you to fulfill your aspirations. 


At New Retail Ethos, we focus on increasing top line revenue, addressing operational inefficiencies, provide innovative concepts that proliferate market share, impart a proven system to drastically improve employee/customer engagement, and deliver merchandising concepts that generate increased profitability.

Our business and management consulting services are available for: retail workshops, private venues, seminars, classroom instruction, one-on-one tutorials, advisory services, on-site evaluations, phone consultations, bulk book discounts, and public speaking engagements.

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1. What kind of services do you offer?

At New Retail Ethos we tailor our programs to match your "specific needs." Regardless of your company size (niche player to Big Box Retailer) we will accommodate your requests.

2. What is your pricing model? 

Our pricing will be determined by the size, scope, and requirements of your project. We strive to satisfy your business needs. We offer hourly rates, daily rates, monthly & yearly retainers, or project  rates. 

3. What kind of  training do you provide?
We can provide: classroom instruction, one-on-one tutorials, workshops, corporate retreats, store/district specific on-site training, public speaking engagements, hands-on demonstrations to communicate retail concepts, phone consultations, PowerPoint presentations, and private sessions. Just ask and we will do our best to match your criteria.

4. Can you perform a workshop centered around your new book?

Yes we can! The seminar can be one day or up to three days depending on your requirements


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Our CEO, Jeffrey P. McNulty is considered a "Hybrid" in the business world as he has thirty years’ experience as a Retail Executive for The Home Depot, Lowes, Barnes & Noble, PetSmart, Shopko, Toys R Us, Publix Supermarkets, and Festival Foods as well as over 13 years of tenure as a Retail Market Research Analyst. He has conducted over 800 consultations on the retail sector throughout his career.

He just published his new book called: The Ultimate Retail Manual: Strategies for Retailers to Thrive & Succeed in the Digital World.

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We passionately believe in assisting retail organizations with their: 

1. Operational Needs 

2. Merchandising Requirements

3. Customer Service Programs

4. Revenue Generation 

5. Employee Engagement

6. Talent Acquisition

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8. Innovative Concepts

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